What Our Happy Customers Say

We truly appreciate the excellent quality of service. What a great experience indeed! Thank you once again!
Russelle, Manila, Philippines
Extraction is awesome, really squeezing out every drop.
Zeyad, South Africa
If your machines are anything like your awesome videos than we will have a winner. Looking forward to getting our Tubo Biz juicer!
Byron, Sacramento, California
If any of you are going to get a sugarcane machine, buy it from TuboBiz. We bought a machine from David last year and just after one month we were hit by Typhoon Yolanda that flooded our whole house and swept away our new sugarcane machine. Not only did David help us, he gave us a new machine to replace the one we lost free of charge! He deserves our business. This is the kind of person we should always support! Thank you David for your good heart, we would not have made it without you
Janet D. (Typhoon Survivor), Tacloban, Leyte, Philippines
I searched for a long time for a sugarcane machine on the internet and mostly found companies that sold all same kind. Variety was hard to find. Then I discovered your facebook page that lead me to your youtube videos. I can say you have the most complete offering of machines found anywhere. I can tell you are serious about your business. I hope to get a machine from you soon! (Translated from Spanish)
Angelita P, El Salvador
I can’t believe how fast you answered my email. I emailed the other companies and even months later have’nt heard back from them.
John, Maui, Hawaii
Before we used to just chew on the sugarcane to get the juice out. Now you have made it so easy with your cool extractor machines. Sugarcane sure has come a long way!
Chiello M., Philippines
We were skeptical of the speed peeler because it’s hard to believe anything seen on youtube but the truth is it really works! Thank you for helping us peel our sugarcane.
Hyderabad, India