Indeed, our customers in Korea use the machines to extract ginsing juice and others use it to extract ginger and still others use the machines to press leaves from Moringa. Whatever can be pressed and is not hard will do fine on our machines.

Every country where sugarcane juice is found has its own special recipes. In our own studies we have found sugarcane juice with lime to be the most widely made in a great majority of the sugarcane world. In some places like India and Pakistan sugarcane juice is served with ginger, sea salt and masala. In the Philippines sugarcane juice with milk is getting popular as well as soft frozen sugarcane juice.

All customers receive a free finishing or stripper sugarcane peeler tool with a purchase of our machines.

Our machines have several safety features:
1.An instant stop and reverse switch
2.A power on light that informs the user it is plugged into a power source.
3.Grounding wires
4.Instant roller bin access

All of our machines can be run on battery power using a DC converter. Make sure you buy a power rating converter at least double the listed wattage for your machine. Truck and Marine Batteries last the longest.

Our machines require very little maintenance. Just some greasing of the gears and chain and that’s about it. At around 1 month of use, the machine will require the chain to be tightened which takes only seconds. It only needs to be tightened once.

Our machines come standard with 110v/220v motors at 50/60Hz. If you have an unusual power supply you can inform us so we can provide the right requirements for you.

Most every kind of sugarcane can be used with our machines. If you have any specific concerns you can email us a pic of your sugarcane variety and we can guide you about it.

We have means to supply you with sugarcane or put you in contact with a supplier in your area. If you live in a cold place, a non-sugarcane growing region, have no worries. We can supply sugarcane almost anywhere on the Planet.

Absolutely you can order a custom built machine for your business. We have all kinds of options available for you from Motor size, amount of rollers such as 4 roller and 6 roller options, custom windows, stickers, engraving and size adjustments to fit a particular space.

As you all know well, you get what you pay for when it comes to appliances. Cheap gives you cheap as the saying goes. We have great prices when it comes to price vs. quality. Nothing comes close, but we want you to have peace in knowing that sugarcane machines is not just another product in our line. It is our only business and that is what we do every day. Our existence depends on how well we make our machines and how well we serve you.

Also, we are not just a factory. We have our own successful sugarcane juice business and we designed our machines to meet the needs of that business. That means we really understand what is needed in workmanship, performance and quality. You can trust us to provide you with the very best machines.

All of our machines come with one year comprehensive warranties. If you have any problems with the machine listed under the warranty we will make it right for you. We offer third party service to our overseas customers.

Our most economical machine made for kitchen/family use is our mini sugarcane machine model TT200 which has a MSRP of $499 and our most expensive Machine is our super jumbo 6 roller machine which sells for $3200.

This is a personal decision you will have to make. One fact though is peeled cane juice is more sanitary and tastes better because no skin is mixed in which decreases the sweetness and purity. The most successful vendors all sell peeled cane juice. We have lots of peeling tools if you need them. From simple economical home peelers all the way to huge volume commercial automatic peelers. For more information look at the peeler section of this website: link

For the rollers and juice extraction bin we recommend you use boiling water and pour it over the rollers and extraction bin. Please be careful when doing this. The outside of the machine can be cleaned with ordinary 70% solution alcohol on a microfiber towel. This will make the machine very clean and shiny.

It will all depend on if the machine has any customization and the method of shipping. Normally we air ship our orders to customers and that takes around a week to arrive. If sent by SEA freight then it could take a month or longer to receive the machine depending on what country you live in.

The kind of machine will depend on the intended use of the machine. If you will only juice out a small amount each day or week, then a budget machine is best. If you will use it every day to make a living then you will want to invest in a professional model machine such as our SS-50, TS400, TT750 series machines.

Sugarcane juice much like an apple breaks down quickly due to its high carbohydrate content and live enzymes. It is normal it will turn brown as it oxidizes and depending on the variety that could happen within seconds or hours after extracting the juice. Normally sugarcane juice can stay fresh in the fridge for around 24 hours. It is always best tasting to serve if fresh though.

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