Our Experience, Your Reward

At CaneMachines.Com we understand the big decision it takes to invest in a sugarcane machine. With all the different machines out there it is hard to know which one is best for you.

We want you to know you can trust us. We come from experience. Our manufacturing was not built before our sugarcane juice business, it was built because of our sugarcane juice business. When we got into the business, we used ordinary run of the mill machines and were sorely disappointed. Because of that, we decided to design our own machines for exactly our needs at the sugarcane juice stand. Every machine is customized for the sugarcane juice vendor and enthusiast alike.

We took the best engineering, combined with the best production savings to produce the very best sugarcane machines at the best prices.

You’re not alone

You’re not alone. CaneMachine.Com has a highly knowledgeable, friendly staff to help your every need from technical questions to plain sales advice. Please click the link below for immediate contact with one of our representatives.

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Our Story

Surprisingly TuboBiz/Canemachines.com did not start out in manufacturing of sugarcane machines, rather we began like many of our visitors here just starting up a sugarcane juice business with no prior experience.

Before we even got into the business of designing and making our quality sugarcane machines we worked tirelessly on our sugarcane juice business creating a leading brand of cane juice in the Philippines. Our brand name Tubo Delight grew fast and has over 100,000 fans on Facebook and has served over a million customers so far.

Who are we?

Our vision is to bring our customers the most innovative, user friendly and quality sugarcane machines at the best prices enabling them to be successful in their businesses.
Our mission is to bring healthy sugarcane juice to the whole world and see significant reductions in diseases related to the consumption of unhealthy processed sugars.
We thank our visitors here who found us and are giving their best to find the right products for themselves. We will give you our best always.
Because of that experience at the sugarcane juice stands, we learned a lot about what kind of machines would serve us best. We used all kinds of machines in the beginning and found a lot of frustrations because some of those machines were far from being user friendly and very poor quality. So we searched and searched to find a partner who was skilled and capable of making a machine for us that would be perfect for our needs.

In 2012 we found our partner and made a significant investment to start making some of the highest quality most innovative sugarcane machines. That entailed many months of research and development with lots of experiments until we came up with our product line. We must admit that without having the experience of actually selling the juice, we could not have designed our machines as well as they are. It was the shortcomings of the prior machines we used that helped us develop the top quality machines we have today.

Cheers to your health and success!