Why peel it?

This question has been asked by many people over the years who are getting into the sugarcane juice business. Why peel the sugarcane?

Simply put, peeled sugarcane tastes better than cane pressed with the skin mixed in. Think of any fruit that you eat. If the skin is removed, you taste the pure sweetness of the fruit. If the skin is on it, it will taste bitter or not as sweet. The same with the sugarcane. When it’s peeled, you can extract pure sugarcane juice and nothing else.

Also, from a food safety standpoint it is absolutely safer to serve peeled sugarcane than to wash it or just put it straight in the extractor. The reason is when sugarcane comes in from the field it has all kinds of dirt, mold, bacteria, insecticides caked on it and it takes a monumental effort and costly purified water to wash it properly. If you are going to be just washing a few canes a day that might be feasible but if you are selling sugarcane juice, the cost alone of the clean water would be enormous.

Sugarcane being fibrous will absorb through its cut ends any liquid it comes in contact with. Many people wash sugarcane with water they would never drink. And how they justify that it is okay for sugarcane no one knows? And mostly, it actually is faster to peel sugarcane using our tools and machines than it is to wash it correctly. So from a time stand point it is more profitable to peel it.

“The most successful vendors in the world serve peeled sugarcane juice.”

CAPACITY: 1000 Stalks per hour or 2.5 to 3 Tons per hour

The Peel Max 4 is an ideal indrustrial sugarcane peeling machine and is perfect
sugarcane juice sugarcane suppliers, muscovado sugar mills, alcohol and vinegar
production plants.

The modular design of the Peel Max 4 allows it to be upgraded to Peel Max 6 by
adding an additional module when the time is needed.

Production lead time is: 30 days
Email us for a quote: or sugarcane
Contact: +639177078160.

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CAPCITY: 1800 Stalks per hour or 4.5 to 6 Tons per hour

The Peel Max 6 is the worlds highest capacity fully automated industrial grade sugarcane peeling
machine and is ideal for exporters of frozen sugarcane, specialty sugar product makers, syrup and
muscovado makers, panella and candy makers.

Production lead time is: 30 days
Email us for a quote: or sugarcane
Contact: +639177078160

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This ergonomically designed peeler is great for finishing sugarcane to perfection. The hardened blade efficient removes the sugarcane skin to the proper depth leaving you with clean, juicy and immaculate cane that is ready to make delicious pure sugarcane juice.

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The ultimate tool for sugarcane. It’s a knife that cuts the cane and a peeler that peels the cane. Precision peeling removes hard sugarcane skin in seconds leaving the softest, juicy part of the cane. Made from durable materials. Low maintenance and easy to sharpen.

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One person can peel up to 650 kg a day using or innovative Speed Peeler. It’s mountable and completely transferable so you can take it wherever you are serving cane juice. The Speed Peeler Body comes with a lifetime warranty. The fastest way to peeler sugarcane. The original Speed Peeler from Tubo Biz.

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Take the sweat out of peeling with our Peel Max 1 Table Top Wire Brush Peeler. This new compact model is ideal for home use or those with small to medium size sugarcane juice businesses. Small enough to fit in back seat of your car, you can take it anywhere to peel sugarcane and make delicious pure sugarcane juice.

4 extra free brushes are included with every order, enough to peel over 10 tons of sugarcane. And if you need more, no worries. We have a universal mount so any wire brush found in hardwares worldwide will fit this portable handy table top sugarcane peeler.

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The fully stainless exceptionally easy to use machine uses a high speed wire brush to whisk away dirty sugarcane skin leaving you with ready to serve pure peeled sugarcane. It is available in 110 or 220v powered by a 2 HP motor. It’s fast and easy and you won’t be breaking a sweat with this one.

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